Welcome, we invite you to be our guest in the farm

"Pura Vida¨

El lujo es la naturaleza


In the farm “Pura Vida” you can enjoy an excellent tranquillity

There are no other houses around, no traffic, but a lot of animals of wildlife fauna, with a beautiful view of  Pacific Ocean,  you can see Puntarenas, the Puerto Calderas to Jaco, The beach, the isle, Guanacaste and mountains.


The farm has 8 hectares, we also have our own water  and natural trails for mountain walking in the forest, and bird, animal and butterfly watching are also available, the most valuable is the best panoramic view, 600m to 1150 m. We are next to Atenas this place with the greatest weather of the world (study from university of United States).


 Typical Livestock (bull) Costa Rican race with bell like in Switzerland, graze on the steep slopes mountain of our finca.


Our home offers three double rooms with bath, Costa Rican furniture, built in the year 2006, January – May , solar energy for warm water, we have our own water sources .




800 m sur Escuela de Río Jesús,

Apartado 225-20202

San Ramón, Alajuela, Costa Rica, América Central

Teléfonos: 8888-7333


Correos: geyruh@gmail.com


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